Hello everyone. We wanted to let you know that the annual Ann Arbor Exotic Bird Exposition is approaching quickly and lasts from 10am to 3pm on Sunday, August 5th, 2012. This year will be held in a new location in close proximity to the previous location. 

Lara Joseph will be speaking at 11:30 on Taking The Problem Out of Parrot Behavior. There are several vendors with bird toys, bird food, cages, unique perches, floor stands, and more. For more information click on the link. Hope to see you there! 27th Annual Ann Arbor Exotic Bird Exposition

Our next Parrot Society of NW Ohio meeting will be tonight. It was suggested that we get together for dinner and enjoy the summer on a patio. We will be meeting at Shorty’s BBQ at 5111 Monroe Street Toledo, Ohio 43623. We have a patio table reserved and if you would like to meet early there will be several people meeting at 5:30. If you can not make it that early, still join us. We won’t be ordering dinner until after our regular meeting time of 6:15. 

Bring your ideas, questions, and topics. We will discuss anything parrot while eating dinner. We hope to see you tonight.

"Hey, where are my toys, my breakfast, and by the way, can you scratch me here?"

It is time again for our next monthly meeting. The topic picked for the next meeting is “Dealing with Bird Burn-out.” It is a common denominator among many bird owners. Come and join us Monday, March 12th, 2012 and discuss some of the causes, concerns, preventions, and possible solutions. This will be an open floor discussion for all to give input, understanding, and feedback.

The meeting will begin at its usual time of 6:15pm and conclude at 8:15pm. We hope to see you there.

Owls have an exceptional sense of hearing. Most of them will hear you before they see you. Some owls can hunt by hearing alone.

The Parrot Society of NW Ohio will be going on an owl prowl next week given by The Toledo Naturalist’s Association. Everyone will be meeting at 7:00pm in Whitehouse, Ohio. If you are interested in carpooling with us, make a comment below and let us know and we will get in touch with you. See the above link for more details.

Dedicated to education

Monday night’s meeting began with familiar faces and a huge celebratory 2nd year anniversary cake to The Parrot Society of NW Ohio. Two years strong of providing an educational outlet to the companion parrot society of parrot caretakers here in NW Ohio and nationwide through our blog and our Facebook page.

We would also like to send out a ‘thank you’ to Dr. Susan Orosz for being this month’s guest speaker on Disease Prevention. Her presentation covered information on diseases to be aware of for the companion parrot caretaker and the importance in being able to note changes in normal behavior.

Most of all, we would like to acknowledge the members of The Parrot Society of NW Ohio that make it what it is. It is the members who have made the organization the powerful, educational tool it has become to companion parrot owners. Thank you and thank you to the organizations and individuals who help make us what we are. Here’s to another great year!

Dr. Orosz speaking on Disease Prevention

Join us for our 2nd year Anniversary celebration!

Our next meeting, which will be Monday, February 13th, 2012 will be The Parrot Society of NW Ohio’s 2nd year anniversary. We are an organization that is free to the public that focuses on providing an educational outlet to all companion parrot owners. Our mission statement is:

The Parrot Society of NW Ohio is dedicated to providing a resource for the most recent information and education in parrot behavior and welfare. We strive to create and maintain a happy and healthy environment for the parrot, and all of those involved with its care and livelihood, through positive reinforcement interactions. We support the advancement of aviculture through educational outreach in companion parrot welfare, avian research, and conservation.

We have another year full of speakers, field excursions, and topics of interest and importance. Join us for our next meeting. Our meetings begin at 6:15 and last until 8:15 pm the second Monday of every month. Our monthly meeting locations change based on the topic of the meeting. Our next meeting we will be joined by Dr. Susan Orosz DVM, Dipl ABVP (Avian), Dipl ECZM (Avain). Dr. Orosz is the owner of The Bird & Exotic Pet Wellness Center in Toledo, Ohio. Dr. Orosz will be giving a talk starting at 6:30pm on Avian Diseases. Please feel free to join us. Our meetings are free and open to the public. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a response.

Our Holiday Photo contest winner, "Santa Joshua" entered by Crystal Raida Klooz.

This is the first of our several upcoming contests. We recently had a Holiday Photo Contest for the best, safe, holiday photo of your parrot(s) in a Holiday themed photo. We had so many entries on our Facebook page. The judges had a hard time deciding which one to pick. There were four judges and each picked two. Out of the eight picked, we have a winner. We thought about having a second place but thought we would save that for future contests.

Our winner is Crystal Raida Klooz with her “Santa Joshua.” Congratulations Crystal. You can pick the toy of your choice

The winner!

from Bird Toys by Lara Joseph.

We want to thank all of those that entered. The photos were fabulous. You may want to subscribe to our blog at the top right. We plan on having many more contests and events all year long. Always feel free to post to our blog and ask questions, no matter where you are from. We are all here for the birds.

Happy New Year everyone!