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March Meeting

"Hey, where are my toys, my breakfast, and by the way, can you scratch me here?"

It is time again for our next monthly meeting. The topic picked for the next meeting is “Dealing with Bird Burn-out.” It is a common denominator among many bird owners. Come and join us Monday, March 12th, 2012 and discuss some of the causes, concerns, preventions, and possible solutions. This will be an open floor discussion for all to give input, understanding, and feedback.

The meeting will begin at its usual time of 6:15pm and conclude at 8:15pm. We hope to see you there.


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Hello everyone. We hope everyone’s summers are going great and enjoying it with the birds. This brings us to our topic tonight. Lara Joseph will be giving a two hour keynote presentation on Aviaries & Indoor Bird Rooms. This talk will begin promptly at 6:15 pm because it is about two hours in length.

We had a great meeting last month which was held at The Sylvania Vet. A big thank you to Dr. Esplin for allowing us to have a meeting there. We’ll be in touch with him again to see if we can have another there this year. We had a great turnout and had four new members.

Tonight’s meeting will be held at our usual location at The Sanger Branch Library on Central Avenue. The meeting will last from 6:15pm – 8:15pm. We hope to see you there.

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Help! I've gotten my butt stuck in a cupcake holder and none of us can get up!"

Monday night we had our monthly meeting, it was also our 1 year anniversary. Yes, the Parrot Society of NW Ohio is now 1 year old. Our monthly meetings average 18 people with our largest meeting consisting of 32 people.

We reviewed our mission statement to make sure we were still on track in our goals, accomplishments, and future plans. Everyone seemed to still be on board. Our society is all about avian education in keeping parrots and their people happy, healthy, informed, and having the opportunity seek and redirect advice where needed.

One of our members, Sandy, worked on designing a logo. We are wanting to put our logo on shirts for upcoming events. The logo looks awesome and we are working on pricing for shirts. If you are interested in a shirt, shoot us an e-mail at parrotsocietyofnwohio@gmail.com.

We have two members of the Parrot Society that haven’t missed one meeting since we began. We were happy to give Jim and Bonnie each a gift certificate to Pet Supplies Plus and the acknowledgement of obviously being dedicated to all things parrot and bird.

We discussed in detail our topic “Observing, Understanding, and Working with Sexual Behaviors of our Companion Parrots.” We discussed ways to deter these situations through training and enrichment provided and ones to avoid. We also discussed nutrition for the ‘nesting’ bird, frustration levels, and experiences.

We had some most awesome snacks at the meeting. We want to thank Mary for the brownies, Nikki for the cookies, Linda for the cookies with cream cheese frosting, Laura for the chips, and Sarah for the infamous cockatoo cupcakes that received an overwhelming review from outside of Ohio!

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